Blair Road Community Garden

7/29: 2021: WATER IS OFF due to underground pipe break in section C. We hope to have it fixed on Saturday. Volunteers welcome!

We greatly appreciate the efforts of many fellow gardeners to help with this complicated repair.

To prevent future issues, do not leave your hose connected to the valve. The white PVC plastic pipes are fragile and break easily.

NO PARKING IN THE ALLEY BETWEEN SECTION A AND D!! The cause of the most recent break was a car running into a water valve while trying to maneuver around an illegally parked car.

June 2021: Inspections begin this month! Make sure your plot is in tip-top shape

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Worried about garden safety during the pandemic? See our May 2020 blog post, COVID-19 Safety, for guidance on staying safe in the garden this season.

Who we are

Blair Road Community Garden is a community garden in Northwest Washington, DC. We are one of the largest community gardens in the city, with more than five acres of garden space bordered by several city streets and neighborhoods.

Why we are here

Blair Road Community Garden has been in operation for over 40 years as a National Park Service community garden. We use organic methods to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit, and we work together to maintain the area by removing debris and keeping the more than five acres of garden space trash-free.

Learn more about us

There are a turnover of plots each year. If you live in the area and would like to learn how to garden organically, come join us. No gardening experience is required.

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