2018 BRCG Calendar

The 2017-2018 Board of the Blair Road Community Garden has gotten off to a great start planning events for the 2018 garden season. We hope we can help all of our gardeners have a productive and bountiful year. To that end, the BRCG Board has established a garden calendar for the 2018 garden season.   It is mandatory that every gardener must partiscipate in at least one community work day and should attend to all garden meetings.

Thursday, February 1 – Plot renewal forms mailed out to all gardeners
Saturday, February 10 – Winter Work Day/Trash removal
Thursday, March 1 – Deadline for return of plot renewal forms with payment
March 15-22 – In person garden registration for non-compliant gardeners (TBA)
Saturday, April 14 – Spring Membership Meeting
Saturday, April 21 – Work Day #1
Saturday, May 12 — Garden Seed and Plant Swap Day at the garden
Saturday, June 9 – Work Day #2
Saturday, August 4 – Work Day #3
Saturday, September 8 – Garden Picnic
Saturday, September 22 – Work Day #4
Thursday, November 1 – All gardens must be cleaned up before the end of the season
Saturday, November 3 – Fall Membership Meeting and Election of Officers

Blair Road Community Garden Association Board
PO Box 60617 -Washington, DC 20039

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