COVID-19 Safety

Guidelines specific to preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

√ If you are sick and/or have been exposed…………STAY HOME!

√ Please WEAR a face covering or mask when around others not in your family.

√ Gardeners must follow SOCIAL DISTANCING (a minimum of 6ft distance from others) regulations while in the garden.

√ GATHERINGS of 10 or more are not authorized.

√ HANDS should be washed with soap and water for 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER visiting the garden.

√ Bring your own disinfecting wipes, HAND SANITIZER and hand washing supplies.

√ We strongly recommend bringing your own gardening tools. Communal tools and wheelbarrows MUST be disinfected after each use. All touch points should be WIPED DOWN.

√ Please take all personal masks, disinfecting wipes, water bottles, gloves, and TRASH with you. DO NOT DUMP.

√ SAY HELLO and WAVE to your fellow gardeners!

√ Be RESPECTFUL of your neighbors and the garden community.

Blair Road Community Garden Association hopes everyone will continue to remain safe.

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