Volunteers Wanted – Inspection Committee

The BRCGA Board of Directors announces the “2020 Mid-Season Plot Inspection and Committee”. The Mid-Season Inspection is a pre-inspection prior to the National Park Service’s (NPS) official review of our garden for safety and violations. We invite members to participate in this important community task by joining a team of fellow members to conduct a walk-through of the garden to identify violations and note potential concerns.

This inspection task provides an opportunity for anyone to volunteer for a few hours. In one day, participating members can contribute to ensuring that everyone benefits from a successful review from our Federal government landlord and earns their three-hour required community service hours.

Specific concerns for this inspection focus on complying with the new NPS rules regarding monoculture and safety issues (fencing, drainage, garbage, and pathways).

  • Required community volunteer hours will be earned
  • Volunteers will be given a brief orientation on the inspection process and review of rules.
  • Inspections will require walking through a garden section with two board members and observing plots to determine if there are any rule violations.
  • An inspection checklist will be completed noting the plot number and possible violation.
  • Clear photos of suspected issues with plot nbr will be taken for submission with the checklist.
  • No member of the committee will inspect their own section.
  • We will practice social distancing while in the garden.
  • Given that our violation process calls for a conversation with the gardener prior to a written warning, the executive board will review the inspection notes, call members and follow up with letters notifying members of violations.

If you are interested please contact your Section Captain

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