Announcing Committees!

See below for descriptions and take the survey!

Committee Service

All Gardeners are required to complete at least three (3) hours of community-wide service in the garden. One way to meet this requirement is by joining a committee. A list of committees and associated tasks are listed below. Please take the online survey here:

Communication Committee

Task may include helping prepare member mailings; posting notices throughout the garden; translating garden messages into other languages; creating quarterly newsletter content; supporting our social media presence; and/or providing technical expertise to support virtual communications.

Engagement Committee

Tasks may include coordinating, planning and executing general member social events and/or workdays; presenting educational information through notices and workshops; marketing the garden to third parties (e.g., new member recruitment, strategic partnerships).

Shared Plots Committee

Tasks may include maintaining pollinator gardens, planning and maintaining plot to absorb excess moisture; supporting the Heritage Garden Project by maintaining the shared plot and raised beds for elderly gardeners.

Maintenance Committee

Tasks may include participating in carpentry projects (e.g., planting boxes, fences, signposts); repairing power and hand tools; shed management; maintaining the perimeters and large pathways of the garden; performing periodic water line inspections and monitoring valves and hoses.

Membership Committee

Tasks may include new gardener orientation (e.g., welcoming and advising on garden rules and organic planting practices); ensuring members complete workday requirements.

Inspection Committee

Tasks may include identifying garden plot violations; confirming violations are resolved; periodically walking the garden and identifying safety hazards and other issues.

Finance Committee

Tasks may include establishing and maintaining 501(c)(3) non-profit status; evaluating and making recommendations for capital garden expenses.

Other Garden Support

Other tasks not described elsewhere.

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