Membership Month!

Welcome to “Membership Month!”

Hopefully by now, you have received your renewal packet, which includes your Permit Agreement (double-sided), a Message from the Board (double-sided), a 2022 Calendar of Events, our Notice of Updates to Membership Rules, and the National Park Service 2022 Guidelines. Please be sure to review all documents, including the updated 2022 rules. 

Your Permit Agreement must be delivered to the shed or postmarked by March 1st, 2022. Late permits are subject to a $10 late fee or nonrenewal. It is strongly suggested that you return the agreement as soon as possible. 

If you cannot meet the March 1st deadline, please contact the Board. We are here to help! There is a high demand for garden space and your early completion will make it easier for us to address those on the wait-list. 


Community Day: Did you receive a fencing notification with your mailing? Do you need help fixing the issue? Come by the garden this Saturday, February 12th, between 10 AM and 12PM when board members will be on hand to help.

In-Person Registration: Worried about dropping your permit in the mail? Swing by the garden on Wednesday February 23rd (5-6PM) or Saturday February 26th (10-11AM) to hand your permit agreement and payment directly to a board member. Check or money order accepted – no cash!

Bi-monthly meeting: We will continue hosting gardener education sessions throughout the season. Be on the lookout for another email with more information on upcoming dates and times. First topic of the year: invasive plants – how to identify them and remove them safely.


Annual Spring Membership Meeting 

Saturday April 9 at 10AM

Location: TBD

Remember that as you sign your Permit Agreement, you are agreeing to be an active part of our community. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Board.

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